I haven’t really thought out the specifics of this game, but a rough estimate of the game would be to force players to work with one another in the beginning and then towards the end have to decide who to let go in order to survive in the end.

This game would be  a complex system of mapping out and creating continents and deciding what type of inhabitants will live on that continents.  The players will start out by rolling a 6 sided die, whatever the number lands on will be the size of a grid frame they will use to draw their continent. For example, if someone rolls a 4, they need to get the 4×4 (inches) grid frame and draw whatever they want within that frame anywhere on the board that cannot overlap with another continent, only isolated or adjacent to. After the continent building phase is over, the players get to choose a set of inhabitants all with special abilities. There are warriors, hunter and gatherers, pirates and explorers. Each inhabitants will have their abilities but also weaknesses. The game will be set up where each player will have to decide who to ally with. The point of the game will have to be to survive 5 rounds. Each round will have a specific event that will affect a type of inhabitant. One round could be extreme weather, sickness and disease, outside forces maybe aliens? Or be attacked by the games own continent that cant be reached, except by the pirates and explorers who may or may not die in the process.


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  • October 19, 2016 at 5:49 pm

    This is a really compelling idea. Lots of interesting elements in there that can be developed into a fascinating game. I think it’s worth fleshing out this concept more.

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