Google’s new Cardboard experiences convinced me VR is here to stay

\When Cardboard was announced last year, it was largely seen as a fun experiment so anyone can try out virtual reality on the cheap, but with an SDK, hardware certification program, iOS support and now Jump and Expeditions, it’s clear Google wants to make VR a meaningful part of our everyday lives. It says a lot that two of my favorite VR experiences so far happened using a $20 piece of paper with a couple of lenses.

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What’s next for open source? Physical products. |

In the same way open source has spawned millions of careers and thousands of companies, imagine the opportunity with openness applied to products. It could potentially jumpstart a revolution in how we conceptualize, build, and share things and how we experiment and innovate to push the boundaries of science and technology.

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GDC Vault

GDC Vault.

All the videos from the Game Developers Conference 2015 are now available online. Highlights include:

  • Advanced VR Rendering
  • Adventures in Text: Innovating in Interactive Fiction
  • A View from the White House: Games Beyond Entertainment
  • Animation Bootcamp: UFC Animation System
  • Anti-Social Behavior in Games: How can game designers help?
  • Art Direction Bootcamp


… and many more!

Working 16-bit computer built inside Minecraft

Working 16-bit computer built inside Minecraft.

“Sure, lots of players are building memories and geek tributes in the incredibly popular indie sandbox game Minecraft, but here’s something actually functional: a working 16-bit ALU (arithmetic logic unit) designed entirely in the game. The “wires” are made from Redstone, a unit in the game that can carry a fiery charge. So to calculate numbers, creator “theinternetftw” just lights torches representing binary numbers on one end, and then waits to see which torches (representing binary digits) light up on the other; giving him the mathematical answer he’s looking for. Crazy? Yes. Nerdy? Very. Awesome? Indeed.”

Panda3D – Free 3D Game Engine

Panda3D – Free 3D Game Engine.

  • Convenient installer packages for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Only one external dependency: working graphics driver
  • Sample programs run right out of Start Menu
  • No compilation step needed
  • All Python versions from about 2.4 to newest 2.x supported
  • Highly optimized: all core functionality in C++
  • Thoroughly-tested: two commercial MMOs in Python
  • Panda3D structures garbage collected when using Python
  • Manual and sample programs use Python

Unity 5 is free – is jMonkeyEngine still relevant?jMonkeyEngine

Unity 5 is free – is jMonkeyEngine still relevant?jMonkeyEngine.

This just in: Physically Based Rendering isn’t dark magic, cross platform publishing is not the thing of fairy tales, and a solid asset pipeline is not exclusive to a million dollar budget. They’re not easy; faaar from it. But as long as we can show that these things can be accomplished by a part-time hobbyist just for the heck of it, the end user gets a fair price (i.e. free!), and our fellow hardcore misfits will continue trying to solve the most difficult problems the industry has to offer.