Last Friday, the Pratt Gaming Club and Pratt GameLab hosted a cross-college Super Smash Bros tournament in the No-Name Cafe. Students from both Pratt and The New School (primarily Parsons) competed in what will hopefully become the first of many gaming events that bridge local college art and gaming communities. The event brought in a room-cramping turnout of about 30 participants with even more uncounted throughout the audience.

This semester’s tournament was particularly special in its interaction between two established student bodies. The stakes were raised through more competitive matches, impressive prizes (including a Nintendo Switch), and new player match-ups. Top players from both schools also competed in coordinated team battles, from freshmen to 5th year students.

The final results swayed in favor of Pratt, with juniors Joey Pagano and Claudio Hinojosa winning first place in Smash 4 and Melee respectively.  Mickell Ford (representing Parsons) took 3rd place in the Smash 4 finals.



The final round in the individual competition:

The round robin-style bracket:


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