Reality is a little different. Video game quality assurance (QA), as testing is called, is often perceived as “playing games for a living” but might better be described as breaking them. It’s a low-paying, occasionally rewarding, often frustrating job that has both more and less to do with the quality of today’s games than you might expect.

A professional QA tester doesn’t just sit by the television, crack a Mountain Dew, and saunter through level 5 of the latest shooter; he or she spends 14 straight hours running into different walls to see if they’re all solid. Proper video-game testing is more akin to abstract puzzle-solving than it is to getting a top score in Donkey Kong, despite what you may have seen in college commercials like Westwood’s. “It takes a very specific attitude and outlook to really be good in the QA world,” a veteran game tester told me. “It goes beyond a passion for video games, and definitely beyond the notion that you get to play video games for a living.”

Source: Quality Assured: What It’s Really Like To Test Games For A Living

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