Fallout 4 is part of the Fallout series which takes the player to the future in a post – nuclear world. I agree with the argument the article puts forth that although the game is engaging, it still relies mainly on violence and combat to get the player hooked. Although you start the game as a quest, you are eventually led to situations where violence and killing are the only solutions. The game appears as narrative, only superficially. The author emphasizes his point with reference to Bloodborne’s – Yhaxnam & Watch Dog’s Chicago which also lead to the bloodbath. I agree that though these games are engaging, after a point they all seem repetitive even though the characters & situations are different.

The author contrasts this with Undertake & Day Z, which helps the players interact with the world. I concur with the author that games need to improve their method of storytelling like Witcher 3. Pieces of the puzzle need to come together to complete a quest. A game should should be challenging but not necessarily always lead to combat. It could involve observing and negotiating, planning & execution of the plan. The designer must construct games which reflect human behavior in varying situations and each situation cannot always end in violence or combat.

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