Nice job on the overall character design, thank you for taking the time to draw this! I had a different take on this character, not sure what Maia thought, but I was thinking more along the lines of a Bruce Timm type of art style. I like how you drew from inspiration of Jessica Jones, but I was thinking like a Nikita type of character, fast and nimble.
Some things to consider:
-Try to slim down the character.
-Sharper angular lines for her build.
– She’s not an actual ninja, her demeanor and skills are just similar to a ninja. She needs to move fast, like the wind, which is what kaze means in Japanese. So like a “streamlined” look.
-And maybe for her white shoes, they can act as like a blurred streak she leaves behind when shes running around.

Really like the design you did with her name and made it look like Japanese calligraphy . The scarf is a good addition, and the leather jacket is exactly the type I was thinking. Hope this helps.


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