Final Project

For my final project I am adapting on an app idea that I came up with about a year ago.

The app name is “swipe-it.” It is kind of like a “self-taxing” service that helps you with your savings.

Basically, you can log in to any credit card or debit card you would like to and choose the percentage of money per transaction that will go to your savings account.

Every card can be at a different percentage that you choose. Some cards don’t even need to be active on the app. You can turn the savings transfer on and of any day or any time you want.

You are able to modify how much savings you would like to gain as specific or general as you would like.

You can do it as an overall percentage, you can do it for specific types of transactions only, you can do it for only certain times of the month, week, or day.

There are vacation modes that deactivate any use of the application on a card for as long or as little as you would like.

You are able to choose when you would like the money to transfer into your savings. If you would like it every day at the end of the day, or the end or the week,  bi-weekly , or monthly. The app always notifies you with an alarm, indicating an hour before it transfers your money, (in case you did for some reason need to cancel the transfer).

The cool thing about this app is you can make it as personal as you want and modify it to the T to subject to your needs. Or if you are lazy, you can be as basic with it as you want to be.

Designing The Best Board Game On The Planet | FiveThirtyEight

Designing The Best Board Game On The Planet | FiveThirtyEight.


Serious games — whether they be hobby games, boutique games or Euro games — are having a moment. Over the past five years, their market has grown an average of 15 percent a year, to $700 million in 2013. The Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride — popular gateway drugs of the genre — are the third- and fourth-best selling board games on Amazon.1 There’s more to these games than “roll the dice, move your mice.” Games in this broad category are typically characterized by deep strategy, an emphasis on skill and the lack of player elimination. In other words, they’re not Monopoly.

On BoardGameGeek, Twilight Struggle is ranked No. 1. Settlers of Catan: 138th. Monopoly: 10,441st.