Ari Thinks: World Building Contest Idea

Idea: Battle of the Worlds!

The contestants will not be informed of the battle. This will be announced at the end of the designing phase.

Each team has a good amount of time to design and create a world of any theme or style.

The teams can create worlds with societies, life, resources, systems, transportations, and any other special life featured needs.

Restrictions to designing a world:
-Cannot make world invisible
-No black hole or massive destructive force feature. (Self exploding or big bang energy creators
-World must be stationary in it’s universal space.

After the Designing Phase is over, the teams will stand in their spots of designing and the battle is announced. And teams will have a shorter amount of time to devise a plan that will help them attack other planets, and defend their own.

(Example: Team A has a planet of kittens and kitten societies. Team B has an all water utopia. Team A can attack Team B with deadly kitten bombs and take their kitten space ships with claw missiles to bombard Team B. But Team B could have a hydro cannon and drown the kittens in water. And Fish spears.)

The battle phase is technically a very hypothetical battle where the teams will have to come up with a set of moves or defenses to use on their turn. (The battle phase is a turn by turn kind of deal. And the battles can be done tournament style or an all out brawl [If all out brawl, each planet can only attack one other planet at a time.])

The Team who cannot come up with a believable situation on their turn is out!

Each turn is about 5 minutes.



Mystery Character- Cosmo By Jeffrey Daurio

*Stop! First of all, have fun sketching it. I’m sure I’ll love your work!

Second- here are the characters details:

-Character Name: Cosmo

-Skin color: Light

-Hair Style: Frohawk (color- Periwinkle or Lavender Blue)

-Oblong head shape

-Crescent ear shape (small sized)

-Bach Round sunglasses

-Eye Shape: Almond (Sterling Gray eye color)

-Bull shaped nose

-Mutton Chops (color- Black)

-Thin shaped lips

-Oblong shaped chin

-Ectomorphic body type

-Big hands and small feet

-Apparel: (This means the color of the clothing)- (Steel Wool) short sleeved shirt with skull N’ crossbones in center of shirt, (Pear) cargo shorts, (Black) high socks (Stone) sneakers

-Mauve colored Satchel and character holding a rubber chicken

  • Once again: have fun with it and thank you for taking the opportunity to sketch this character. Do you’re very best!

Here’s the initial character sketch:


Mystery Character – Michael H, Sarah

Name: Florence

Gender: Male

Age: 19-25 years old

Description – pedestrian main character whose personality is based mainly on the player. Has a style not-seen since the 90’s.

Appearance – Of Scottish descent with fair white skin and short, curly brown hair. He likes to wear Jnco jeans, neon flannel shirts, and converses.

What he is carrying – One shoulder backpack, watch

Here are the Initial Sketches:



Sketch Critiques:

  1. The first picture gives too much of an “old man” impression. Jeans are not baggy enough, and the face is too long.
  2. Second picture is too cartoon-like. The character looks too young, too short, and the size of the feet is a bit big.  Although, the clothing style is more in line of what we need. Would prefer to have a complete picture of the entire character, not cut off.


Mystery character-Kaze (grant and maia)

Female detective similar to a ninja look. She has a slim upper body with a thick muscular legs. She carries a katana around as a weapon instead of a gun. She is very smart and skilled in deductive reasoning. She has all black attire, black leather jacket with black pants and shirt, with oddly clean white shoes. She has an “asian” look. She also has a urban street style look to her wardrobe. Should have a catchy catchphrase like James bond.

Kaze’s Sketch & Illustrator’s comments

“I pictured Kaze being a mysterious but powerful female detective with attitude similar to the super heroine  Jessica Jones.  I gave her a red scarf that she would wrap around her face to hid her identity during her stealth mission, she is a ninja after all!!! I also have her a scar on her eye so she has some sort of history of battle/past investigations gone wrong in the past. I also gave her a giant shuriken (Japanese term for throwing star) because I thought it cooler. Most ninja or Kounoichi (female ninja) didn’t brandish katana’s but throwing stars and chain and sickle or even two short swords like a tanto or wakazashi. If you both insist that Kaze weild a katana I’m more than happy to draw her with such. Her James Bondesque line would ” Measure Once, Cut Twice ” giving players insight on how much a critical thinker and planer she is before she makes her move. I hope you both  enjoy my interpretation of the Mysterious Kaze and hope to hear back from you. ”





Mystery Character- Nikki

Chaitali & Michael

Description: Girl, make believe detective, overly curious & Nosy.

Appearance: Redhead w/ Frizzly hair & freckles. Light skinned. Short & Stubby person.

What they’re wearing: Tan Hunter’s Cap & Large Leather Trenchcoat. Large rounded square glasses and a Cerulean Colored scarf. Leather Pants & Belt. Black Rain boots.

What they’re carrying: Binoculaurs, Magnifying Glass, Notebook & pen. Coil of rope.

Here is the initial character sketch followed by a comment by the illustrator:


I chose to do a variety of different views of Nikki with the characteristics of her appearance. In the first sketch, I chose to do a close up of Nikki with an expression of her looking curious and intrigued. I included square glasses, freckles, frizzy hair, and a large collared coat to match her character description. In the next image, I sketches her with a profile view, 3/4 length, carrying a magnifying glass. I tried to make he appear like she is looking for clues to solve the mystery. I also incorporated a outfit breakdown with her characteristics which includes a scarf, a long coat, hat, tall rain boots, carrying cool of rope and a magnifying glass. The last image I sketched Nikki not as serious and on the hunt for clues. She is carrying her notebook and coil of rope as well as wearing her distinct outfit.


nikki-1 nikki-2 nikki-3

Dirty Janitor (Boris) – Emily , Lisa

Smelly, stains on uniform, clumsy
untied shoes
Bad complextion
Kinda of balding
Age- 45, Russian, Accent
Carries around janitor “stuff”
and usually a half eaten sandwich of some sort.
Has a Drunkard nose
kinda pudgy (LAZY)
Short stubby fingers
tiny beady eyes
big ears
has front missing tooth
hairy chest & arms
bushy eyebrows

Here is the initial character sketch:


Sketch responses:

“Our character was exactly how we pictured him to look! GREAT WORK!!! ;)”

“Seriously, exactly how we pictured it. We even drew a little sketch of him while we were coming up with the character and it almost looked identical.”

Mystery Character – Devan

Mellie & Arielle

male 5 ft tall

A seemingly nice person who is very friendly and social, but if you try to fall in love with their crush, they will do what they can to prevent you from being with them. (Very possessive)

brightly colored hair (no yellow pls)


A small statured person with the appearance of an angel.

Super friendly and social. But then he flips if you are near his Crush.

Dancer. Nice smile. Looks innocent. But is secretly crazy.

flower crowns around the pompadour

carries around his phone and a sewing set. he sews his own clothes. Like an amateur fashion major.



Ari: Thank you so much! I enjoy how you interpreted our character through our (crazy) description.

In response to the flower crown, we just wanted flowers around his pompadour. Like the pompadours has a flower crown as a necklace.

I love the sewing kit being a part of his outfit. and the jacket is awesome, but maybe it could be a regular sized jacket?

Otherwise Love it! Thanks!

Mysterycharacter – Michael, Juliana

Name: Hoseth H. Miller
Gender: We’ll let you decide.
Race: White. Hispanic
Age: Early 20’s
Weight: 150lbs, toned body
Height: 5’11
Fashion: Wears leather with lots of zippers and chains
Colour scheme: Black, and maroon
Music taste: Electronic/deathmetal and classical music, particularlly Richard Wagner
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Social Life: Night owl

Here is the initial character sketch:



Hello there! Thanks for your work on the character. Here’s a few things we decided is important to review on Hoseth:

  • Right now his body lacks definition. Make him more slender, skinnier.
  • Draw more zippers and chains on his outfit.
  • We like the neck tattoo, nice touch! But we think that it should be centered, right on the middle on his neck.
  • His hair should be longer, touching his shoulders.
  • We like the mustache, could you turn it in a full goatee?

Thank you!

Female Hoseth Character


Hello there, again…

This is a nice interpretation of the character. Her outfit is really cool.

I’m thinking of androgynous type of character.

More zippers!

What are your own goals for Game Design?

It’d be nice to know what everyone around here is looking for while taking this class. Feel free to post here your goals and desires as a game designer.


For me, I just want to create an RPG that is exciting and fast paced, but at the same time still gives you the time you need to strategize. And of course, a well designed story, world, and cast of characters. Something people will love for a long time.


How about you guys?

Closing the Gender Gap, One E-Battle at a Time

This article talks about an experiment conducted by Judy Jetset, to see how many women would participate in a telecast of League of Legends championship series. Of the 40 people assembled at the Playwright Irish Pub only a handful were women. Judy tries to analyze the reasons for the low turnout by speaking to the women present.

Women make up a very small percentage of online gamers though their numbers are rising. From conversations with the assembled women Judy summarizes that women gamers are not taken seriously, are trolled online and are thought to be not knowledgeable about gaming.

Although women have shattered quite a few glass ceilings but when it comes to gaming it is still considered a male bastion. Most games revolve around action, adventure, combat, war, spy games etc. and are violent. There are very few female game developers and if more women are encouraged to enter this field, they will bring about their own perspectives and sensibilities to designing a game. Blatant sexism, discriminatory and offensive jokes and the attitude that women don’t have the skills for gaming have resulted in women being stereotyped. Also the games are aggressively marketed keeping the male audience in mind.

It’s only when more women enter as programmers and game designers and create a marketplace for themselves that we will see a shift in attitudes. Hopefully, this will result in more games that are less violent and more inclusive.