Let’s discuss Takenoko’s graphic design.  (Firstly, if it were my game – I would name it Bad Panda!)

This far too adorably designed board game along with its chubby panda figure, give a false impression that the panda is the protagonist in the game.  This is not the case.  He (or she?) eats yo bamboo while you try to maintain your land plots in order to win!

Everything about this game – the packaging, the graphics, illustrations, game pieces are done beautifully and with precision and detail.  This aesthetically pleasing board game may draw the attention of many potential buyers and players in the game aisle but it proposes one disadvantage…


I find the graphic design of the game – the packaging and the cards and chips – all very distracting.  Perhaps over time and practice, these variables fade out and one can focus on the goal of winning the game.  But this has proven difficult as the overwhelming rules, visual graphics, and many pieces can quickly deter one from staying in the game.

Imagine if the packaging and all its contents were simplified. Perhaps the use of color remains but the intensity of illustrations is modified. We may be able to play with better concentration if we were able to see the layout of plots and cards and game pieces with more clarity.  Game cards although quite simple, may be too simple.  There are no words, only visuals.  Could we possibly add some text to improve the game flow and experience?

All in all, visually appealing but I always say: LESS IS MORE.

One thought on “Bad Panda!

  • September 14, 2015 at 3:18 am

    Very honest opinion of it in a design aspect. I, myself haven’t played it, but i can tell where your coming from with the pictures. I agree that the visuals/design of the game should support the flow of gameplay. I will definitely have to play this sometime myself.

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