The game that I played last week was Ghost Stories which is basically a game that has 4+ players and that work together to exorcise the ghosts that appear during the course of the game. My personal review about the game is that the game is very confusing and has to many pieces and rules/regulations! The outside packaging was what drawn me to the game. The box looked very interesting so I thought it would be fun to play but it was a mess! I didn’t like that we work together because I like competitive games and easy to grasp games.

My idea that had to merge a globe within the game was basically it will be 4 different groups and they are on earth trying to turn it into a spiritual world. In order for them to turn it into a spiritual world they must travel this perception of earth given my 2 groups trying to find important crystals. They will have to align they chakras but they must find them on the globe! 2 groups will give a subject while the other 2 groups will have to give their interpretation/visual drawing of they meaning of earth.You would use 1 dice to decide how many cards you have to pick up! (this will help you come closer to finding all the crystals) while trying to align your chakras.

Dirty Janitor (Boris) – Emily , Lisa

Smelly, stains on uniform, clumsy
untied shoes
Bad complextion
Kinda of balding
Age- 45, Russian, Accent
Carries around janitor “stuff”
and usually a half eaten sandwich of some sort.
Has a Drunkard nose
kinda pudgy (LAZY)
Short stubby fingers
tiny beady eyes
big ears
has front missing tooth
hairy chest & arms
bushy eyebrows

Here is the initial character sketch:


Sketch responses:

“Our character was exactly how we pictured him to look! GREAT WORK!!! ;)”

“Seriously, exactly how we pictured it. We even drew a little sketch of him while we were coming up with the character and it almost looked identical.”