Fallout 4 is part of the Fallout series which takes the player to the future in a post – nuclear world. I agree with the argument the article puts forth that although the game is engaging, it still relies mainly on violence and combat to get the player hooked. Although you start the game as a quest, you are eventually led to situations where violence and killing are the only solutions. The game appears as narrative, only superficially. The author emphasizes his point with reference to Bloodborne’s – Yhaxnam & Watch Dog’s Chicago which also lead to the bloodbath. I agree that though these games are engaging, after a point they all seem repetitive even though the characters & situations are different.

The author contrasts this with Undertake & Day Z, which helps the players interact with the world. I concur with the author that games need to improve their method of storytelling like Witcher 3. Pieces of the puzzle need to come together to complete a quest. A game should should be challenging but not necessarily always lead to combat. It could involve observing and negotiating, planning & execution of the plan. The designer must construct games which reflect human behavior in varying situations and each situation cannot always end in violence or combat.

Mystery Character- Nikki

Chaitali & Michael

Description: Girl, make believe detective, overly curious & Nosy.

Appearance: Redhead w/ Frizzly hair & freckles. Light skinned. Short & Stubby person.

What they’re wearing: Tan Hunter’s Cap & Large Leather Trenchcoat. Large rounded square glasses and a Cerulean Colored scarf. Leather Pants & Belt. Black Rain boots.

What they’re carrying: Binoculaurs, Magnifying Glass, Notebook & pen. Coil of rope.

Here is the initial character sketch followed by a comment by the illustrator:


I chose to do a variety of different views of Nikki with the characteristics of her appearance. In the first sketch, I chose to do a close up of Nikki with an expression of her looking curious and intrigued. I included square glasses, freckles, frizzy hair, and a large collared coat to match her character description. In the next image, I sketches her with a profile view, 3/4 length, carrying a magnifying glass. I tried to make he appear like she is looking for clues to solve the mystery. I also incorporated a outfit breakdown with her characteristics which includes a scarf, a long coat, hat, tall rain boots, carrying cool of rope and a magnifying glass. The last image I sketched Nikki not as serious and on the hunt for clues. She is carrying her notebook and coil of rope as well as wearing her distinct outfit.


nikki-1 nikki-2 nikki-3

Closing the Gender Gap, One E-Battle at a Time

This article talks about an experiment conducted by Judy Jetset, to see how many women would participate in a telecast of League of Legends championship series. Of the 40 people assembled at the Playwright Irish Pub only a handful were women. Judy tries to analyze the reasons for the low turnout by speaking to the women present.

Women make up a very small percentage of online gamers though their numbers are rising. From conversations with the assembled women Judy summarizes that women gamers are not taken seriously, are trolled online and are thought to be not knowledgeable about gaming.

Although women have shattered quite a few glass ceilings but when it comes to gaming it is still considered a male bastion. Most games revolve around action, adventure, combat, war, spy games etc. and are violent. There are very few female game developers and if more women are encouraged to enter this field, they will bring about their own perspectives and sensibilities to designing a game. Blatant sexism, discriminatory and offensive jokes and the attitude that women don’t have the skills for gaming have resulted in women being stereotyped. Also the games are aggressively marketed keeping the male audience in mind.

It’s only when more women enter as programmers and game designers and create a marketplace for themselves that we will see a shift in attitudes. Hopefully, this will result in more games that are less violent and more inclusive.