Idea: Battle of the Worlds!

The contestants will not be informed of the battle. This will be announced at the end of the designing phase.

Each team has a good amount of time to design and create a world of any theme or style.

The teams can create worlds with societies, life, resources, systems, transportations, and any other special life featured needs.

Restrictions to designing a world:
-Cannot make world invisible
-No black hole or massive destructive force feature. (Self exploding or big bang energy creators
-World must be stationary in it’s universal space.

After the Designing Phase is over, the teams will stand in their spots of designing and the battle is announced. And teams will have a shorter amount of time to devise a plan that will help them attack other planets, and defend their own.

(Example: Team A has a planet of kittens and kitten societies. Team B has an all water utopia. Team A can attack Team B with deadly kitten bombs and take their kitten space ships with claw missiles to bombard Team B. But Team B could have a hydro cannon and drown the kittens in water. And Fish spears.)

The battle phase is technically a very hypothetical battle where the teams will have to come up with a set of moves or defenses to use on their turn. (The battle phase is a turn by turn kind of deal. And the battles can be done tournament style or an all out brawl [If all out brawl, each planet can only attack one other planet at a time.])

The Team who cannot come up with a believable situation on their turn is out!

Each turn is about 5 minutes.



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One thought on “Ari Thinks: World Building Contest Idea

  • October 18, 2016 at 9:16 pm

    Woah, Ari, that’s a super-cool idea! A post-design competition never occurred to me, and love the whimsical example. I wonder how best to structure the storytelling rules or guidelines for coming up attack/ defense measures. My natural love of wargames also reminds me that some people may not like it as much as I do; perhaps wonder why the scenario is structured as a conflict or whatever. That’s not to say that’s a deal-breaker, just things to consider.

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