10 Board Games You Should Play on International TableTop Day | Page 2 | The Mary Sue.


1. Carcassonne: If you search for “carcassonne” on Google Images, you’ll see two basic categories of pictures. (1) Tourist photos of the famous medieval French town and fortress, and (2) photos of this tile-placing game loosely based after the same. They are equally cool. Carcassonne is easily one of my favorite non-RPGs. It’s super easy to learn but is surprisingly complex in its strategies. You’ve got 7 followers (meeples) you can deploy as you place each tile, which slowly forms the board. Place a thief on roads, a knight in cities, a monk in cloisters, or a farmer in the fields; you win points by expanding — and completing — each topographic feature that you’ve claimed (and that your opponents don’t steal from under you). Numerous expansions allow you to employ new elements, such as catapults, castles, bridges and (my fave) a dragon. (Image my own, with thanks to the Brooklyn Strategist)

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